Bike Ambulance


PRS Hospital Accident & Emergency Department (PRS AED) has devised a solution for beating the city traffic at least for patients needing emergency care. A much awaited two-wheeler ambulance service The concept of bike ambulance has made a huge impact in foreign countries by giving swift care in emergencies. EMS - emergency medical service is provided by EMT (emergency medicine technician) who are trained to combat urgent life saving situations before any irreversible damage sets in.

PRS REACT ON WHEELS equipped with more than 50 life SAVING equipments & 50 resuscitation drugs with American Heart Association trained ACLS Certified paramedic staff.The motorbike ambulances are meant to provide emergency medical care to patients while the ACLS ICU ambulance follows.

PRS REACT Bike Ambulance was initiated to meet the concept of "Saving the Platinum 10 minutes". It will be very useful for negotiating heavy traffic in cities where it is difficult for four-wheeler ambulances to reach.

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