Clinical Nutrition & Therapeutics

Clinical Nutrition & Therapeutics

The Department of Clinical Nutrition & Therapeutics in PRS Hospital advises patients on appropriate diet to be followed during treatment at the hospital and also during the recovery period. The highly qualified registered dieticians at the department, headed by Mini Mary Prakash R.D., evaluate the health of the patients through nutrition assessments and diagnostic laboratory testing. Ms. Prakash is assisted by Lucy Japamony R.D, and ICU senior dietician Manju Sivaji RD, and two junior dieticians. For patients who have been referred to us, our dieticians can assess their dietary needs and advise on the best nutritional course of action.Based on the findings the dieticians advise patients on behavioural modifications and intervention plans, including food to eat and what to avoid in order to improve their health. The department oversees the hospital's food service division to ensure that patients receive nutritious food. Also, the department helps to prevent or support treatment of health conditions such as heart diseases , autoimmune diseases, kidney diseases and so on. The team also brushes up their knowledge and experience by attending various conferences and courses related to dietetics. As part of public awareness, programmes on television and radio are organised by the department of clinical nutrition and dietetics at PRS Hospital. Some of the dieticians also write informative articles on diet in health magazines.

Services offered
  • Evidence-based medical nutrition therapy;
  • Customised diet plan based on the health needs of patients
  • Assess nutritional status of patients
  • Develop new age diet for people who are young or becoming health conscious
  • Advise parents and their children in daily diet and food they consume
  • Plan diet for people who need to gain weight
  • Plan diet for antenatal patients, especially gestational diabetic patients;
  • Patients are tube fed to ensure that they receive enough calories, protein and micronutrients in ryles tube , gastro feeds, peg feeds; The patients are constantly monitored by a dietician in the ICU
  • Dieticians in our team are specialised in obesity to support patients who are overweight or obese at any age
  • Diets are planned for patients with uncontrolled diabetes.
  • Fat monitoring is carried out for obese patients followed by monthly follow up for diet counselling and monitoring improvements.
  • Community nutrition programmes and awareness sessions on nutrition are organised regularly
  • Provide nutritional support for enteral feeding and parenteral feeding patients
  • Diet consultation given for kidney transplant patients
  • Nutrition education is imparted during health camps
  • Regular antenatal and postnatal classes for antenatal patients are organised on third Thursdays of every month at PRS auditorium
  • Document patient progress
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