From the Heart (Desk) of Executive Medical Director

Healthcare is a very personal experience .The compassion expressed by our staff combined with the latest AVAILABLE technology is what makes our hospital special. We value the trust you have placed in us and remain committed to provide you with the safest, highest quality and most satisfying care possible.

PRS Hospital Pvt. Ltd has been providing services to Trivandrum and its surrounding areas since 1986. The hospital has seen many changes in these years. There is one aspect, however, that has remained a constant throughout its history... that of providing “care like only a mother can give”. Although we possess the finest technology and expertise, it is perhaps our compassion and empathetic attitude that has earned us a place in your hearts.

As a practicing doctor, I understand that the situations / events that bring a person to a hospital are often emotionally draining and disruptive to life. As an administrator, I have also realized that more often than not, apologizing does not mean that one is wrong, but that one values the relationship more than one’s ego. It is this heart to heart relation that goes above and beyond the call of duty and even service.

As we continue to strive to exceed the expectations placed on us, we also gratefully acknowledge everyone who supported us in the past years, and all the patients and their families whom we had the joy and honor of serving.

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Executive Medical Director

Dr. M. S Thiruvarian
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