Blood Bank


Blood bank is compliant to ‘Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules, 1945’ and operates with a valid license. The PRS Blood Bank is modern and in sync with the latest technological advances. The department functions effectively with an efficient Blood Component Separation Unit.

The services include collection, storage and issue of whole blood and separation of blood components including fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate and platelets, plasma pheresis not only to P R S Hospital patients but also to nearby hospitals and clinic which lack Blood Bank services.

The investigations carried out in this department include Blood grouping and Rh – typing, Blood cross match, Direct Coomb’s test,Indirect Coomb’s test,HIV, HBsAg ELISA,VDRL, Hemoglobin,Platelet count,Du test,Malarial parasite test.

The facilities include state of the art:

  • Donor motivation area
  • Air-conditioned blood collection room
  • Refreshment-cum-rest-room with air-condition
  • Blood bank for blood transmissible disease with air-condition
  • Blood component preparation room with air-condition and temperature is being maintained between 20 – 25 C
  • Blood bank for blood group serology with air-condition
  • Sterilization-cum-washing
  • Store-cum-record room

The department is ably managed by a well qualified team of doctors and technicians.

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