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Patient Centric: We place the needs of our patients and their families first. This revolves around involving the patients in decision making, by communicating openly and honestly and treating them with compassion, dignity and kindness.

Responsibility: We believe that by taking ownership and acting with commitment, we will achieve sustainable success.

Safety:We build our capabilities and implement necessary processes to eliminate preventable harm and become a highly reliable organisation that delivers safe care.

Quality: Our focus on quality excellence includes continuously enhancing our standards, technology and training for our people

Caring: We respect each other and care for the communities we live and work.

Accountability: We take ownership for our services and our future.

Reliability: Achieving error free performance and safety in every procedures, every time.

Excellence: We provide outstanding clinical care and highly satisfying patient experience.

Trust: Respect and integrity guide our actions to do the right thing.

Empathy: Feeling and understanding the emotional stress of patients and family.

Attentiveness: Understanding patients and their families by obtaining as much insight into their experience as possible

Morality: Setting highest degrees of goodness, conscience and justice to preserve human life and health

Performance – Our people are known for their focus on results. We aim to reinforce that focus on personal and collective achievement, while maintaining high ethical standards.

Transparency – Providing as much information as possible to allow for appropriate care with safety in mind.

Team work – We believe that connecting people and working in global teams is crucial to achieving our ambitious goals.

Dedication – We work with rigor, simplicity and agility to deliver exceptional results.

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